Three ways Barcelona can compete without Pedri in midfield

Barcelona’s defeat to Eintracht Frankfurt last night was not their only defeat. Garnett and Neely also lost their favorite player in the season to Pedri, who, according to various sources, may miss the rest of the season due to injury.

In this quick piece, we’ll see how Barcelona can compete without Pedri.

1. Use (good) from Nico Gonzalez

Nico Gonzalez was a much more talented player than the value of quality. The Spaniard has been used sparingly despite a sensitive start to life as a Barساa player. The absence of a pedigree in his name should be the best way to revive his connection.

In addition to Pedri, Nico could join Frankie de Jong and Sergio Biscuits in central midfield. He can be useful considering his attacking nature, and has an impact on the ball as his biggest aspect.

2. Using Riqui Puig

Ricky Pegg was expected to be a key player at Central Midfield in the 2020/21 season. Ronald Koeman had a strong preference for Pedri for the past, which resulted in the 22-year-old being disqualified. His absence could now lead to his resurrection.

In addition to de jong and biscuits, pegs can be a source of great creativity. His often criticized emotional ability in attack can be used to the advantage of the team.

Peugeot was excited about the last time he played. (Photo by Giuseppe Lago / AFP via Getty Images)

In every game he has played this season, Bar نمبرa No. 6 has shown great creativity, and has always been keen to change the game. As a result, the peg should be obtained in the absence of pedigree.

Most of Barcelona’s upcoming games, the bar against Villarreal and Real Sociedad, are against the opposition under the table. As Barcelona does not need to be afraid of his weakness.

3. Barcelona can turn 4-2-3-1

Barcelona is a club that prefers to play with three midfielders at any cost. Nonetheless, Garnett and Neely will need to make some sacrifices if they want to finish second, one of which is to change the system.

4-2-3-1 is similar to 4-3-3 in some ways, with the most significant difference being the presence of a double pivot. The middle field can allow the same for more rotations and animations.

One option in midfield would be to play Sergio Biscuits with Frankie de Jong and Ricky Pegg as Media Ponta. This is the best role of the 22-year-old, who could win big prizes if Jivi Hernandez takes advantage of it.

Alternatively, Barcelona could opt for midfield in the doubles of the Biscuits and Nico Gonzalez, given the similarities with De Jong. In a more advanced role, Pablo Guy can show up as Team ‘10’, a role that he is very safe at making coffee.

The best part about this structure is that Angle shouldn’t play a full three midfielders, especially in a game when he needs a lot of attacking depth.

Memphis Depay can easily position the attacker’s back as an attacker’s presence, and will grow with more runs in the attack.

Similarly, Xavi could experiment in the form of Ansu Fati-Auba, Torres-Auba, or Fati-Luke de Jong with a two-centered forward in a structure that could move 4-4-2. To do.

Losing a pedigree is always difficult, however, there is always a way the team can improve from this test. One of these ways is to expand the team’s tactical stockpile, making them more dynamic as a unit and getting ready for it when things go awry.

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