Tiny Class Guide Tina’s Wonderlands: Spore Warden

Tiny Tiny Wonderlands contains six different classes, each of which is inspired by traditional D&D classes with a healthy dose Borderss’ protective wit. Of these classes, the Spore Warden closely resembles the D&D’s Ranger and Druid classes, using magical archery, poisonous attacks, and a walking mushroom companion to pursue their enemies.

Tiny Tiny Wonderlands is a first-person shooter where players take part in the latest game from Tiny Tiny Bunkers and Badasses. Their journey across her miraculous lands will lead them on a number of crazy adventures as they try to defeat the Dragon Lord. Along the way, players will encounter a ridiculous amount of weapons, spells and other loot.


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Spore Warden is a long-distance and poison damage specialist who can cast an etheric bow to attack enemies with arrows and create freezing cyclones to cool their enemies to the bone. Spore Warden’s abilities make them excellent medium-range fighters and also provide them with the means to rebuild their ammunition and divert attention from enemies.

This class feature gives them a mushroom companion that targets close enemies and causes poison damage. Pinging the enemy will also cause the mushroom companion to pounce on them. If Spore Warden receives an increase in damage, it will also be awarded to their partners.

Action skills

Tiny Tinas Wonderlands_Class Trailer Spore Warden Barrage

Spore Warden has two action abilities, the first is called “Barrage”. Barrage allows Spore Warden to create an ethereal bow and shoot seven arrows, which will damage the ability on impact. Each arrow bounces twice between nearby enemies. In addition, any intensification of Spore Warden’s weapon damage will apply to Barrage, and Barrage has multiple rounds, allowing it to be used multiple times until it has to be fully recharged.

Spore Warden’s second action skill is known as “Blizzard” and creates a trio of ice cyclones that search for enemies in the vicinity and cause damage related to the affinity of ice elements. This skill is useful for sweeping enemies with the slow and frozen effects that are inherent in the ice element, while also causing damage in a wide area.


borders-tiny-tinas-lands of miracle-class-companions

Bounty of the Hunt (Tier 1): This killing skill reduces the cooling of action skills whenever Spore Warden kills an enemy, allowing them to quickly regain their action abilities for reuse. This also makes Spore Warden a valuable choice for multi-classing, allowing you to quickly re-use action skills from other classes with a relatively small investment in the Spore Warden Skill tree.

Kindred Heart (Tier 1): This skill increases the damage and maximum health of Spore Warden’s companions (understand pets, not other players), which makes it a very useful skill that allows the mushroom companion to continue to disrupt enemies. It also plays well with Clawbringer and Graveborn pets, which can be obtained by placing them in several classes.

Eagle Eye (Tier 1): This skill increases weapon damage and weapon handling, making Spore Warden more deadly and accurate with their weapons (and Barrage action skill). This skill is useful for any construction with points that you can spend on it, because almost every construction will use weapons regularly.

Affinity (level 2): This skill increases damage to abilities, making any harmful action skill more deadly. Like Eagle Eye, this skill is very useful for a wide variety Tiny Tiny Wonderlands builds, thus improving the brutal damage of any action ability that Spore Warden chooses to use.

Spore Cloud (Tier 2): This skill allows a mushroom companion to “let one rip” from time to time, creating a cloud of poison that will eventually cause damage and ridicule enemies to attack it. Very useful in Tiny Tiny Wonderlands solo game to distract enemies, this skill is still useful in multiplayer games to reduce the pressure on the game and cause some extra damage.

Bullseye (Tier 2): This skill improves the chance of a critical Spore Warden hit with weapons and also increases Tiny Tiny Wonderlands chance for critical intervention of the fungal companion. This skill is very useful when using black powder weapons, as their bullets bounce to the next target in a critical hit. This skill is great for improving the likelihood of dealing huge damage to any ranged weapon that can deal critical strikes.

Quiver of Holding (Tier 3): This skill gives the Spore Warden a larger magazine size, reducing their need to recharge and causing the weapon he is currently holding to slowly regenerate ammunition. This skill is very useful to ensure that the Spore Warden never misses ammunition in the weapons of his choice.

Medicinal sponge (Tier 3): This skill allows the mushroom companion to revive Spore Warden when in “fight for his life” mode, and deals more damage to Spore and his mushroom companion if the revival attempt is successful. This skill is excellent in single-player to improve survival and remains useful in multiplayer because it reduces the need for allies to disengage from the enemy and try to revive the fight.

Windrunner (Tier 3): This killing ability gives Spore Warden faster movement and shooting speed after killing an enemy, and this effect can accumulate several times. This skill makes Spore Warden an incredibly brisk and deadly warrior who can discharge a ridiculous number of bullets at incredible speed.

Tiny Tinas Wonderlands_Class Trailer Spore Warden Blizzard

Thrill of the Hunt (Tier 4): This skill provides Tiny Tiny Wonderlands mushroom companion buff to damage whenever Spore Warden reaches a critical hit with its weapon, and the effect of amplifying damage can accumulate up to 10 times. It is a useful skill to improve a mushroom companion’s deadlines and combines well with Bullsey’s skill.

Called Shot (Tier 4): This skill provides Spore Warden with more and more pistol damage and a reduction in weapon sight damage. This skill is a must for snipers and other assemblies that rely on the accuracy and defeat of enemies at a distance, increasing damage and the ability to survive without having to move from a good position.

Wrath of Nature (Tier 5): This skill will cause enemies damaged by Spore Warden’s action abilities to suffer additional damage from all sources for a while. This goes well with Barrage and Blizzard, which are excellent at hitting multiple enemies. The Graveborn’s Dire Sacrifice and Clawbringer’s Cleansing Flames or Storm Dragon’s Judgment also work well with this ability. Brr-Zerker’s dreadwind is also an excellent skill to pair with this.

Head Hunters (Tier 5): This skill increases Spore Warden’s damage to critical areas of creation. This is the area that will cause a critical strike (often the head of humanoid enemies). This skill is excellent for further intensifying damage caused by Spore Warden’s precise interventions.

Play the Angles (Tier 6): Spore Warden’s skill will cause their bullets to sometimes bounce on critical weapon strikes, with the bouncing projectile inflicting a reduced amount of damage that is considered an ability damage (allowing this damage to trigger Wrath of Nature and other skills revolving around ability damage .) This is an exceptional skill for any building that can reliably hit critical strikes with its weapons, and many of Spore Warden’s skills make this exactly easier.

Tiny Tiny Wonderlands is now available for Playstation 4, Playstation 5, PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S.

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