Top 10 Characters Ranked by Intelligence

On March 11, 2022, Pixar released its new film Turning red, Which led to controversy over the content of the image of adolescence and the female experience of adolescence. Some believe this topic is inappropriate for young audiences, while many others argue about knowing about puberty and menopause and lifting the ban.

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Pixar brilliantly describes how these views affect a young woman and how the range of human intelligence can help or hinder her. Some of the characters in the film are book smart, some are emotionally intelligent and some do not show any ability. Turning red It covers the spectrum of characters from those who use their intelligence to get what they want, to those who can’t achieve on their own no matter how hard they try.

10 Devon

Devon bored with Panda Mei in the background

Mai’s love interest, Devon, works at a local convenience store and is admired by Mai and her friends. His intelligence will be tested when your mother encounters Ming on some very awkward drawings.

Devon’s lack of intelligence has reached a low point in the spectrum because he wants nothing, very little to get what he wants through his own means. Devon has no personal goals, likes or dreams. He did not benefit greatly from the pictures Mei painted on him. If he hadn’t started showing a little more focus and a little less mouth, Devon wouldn’t have had that much more.

9 Abby

Abby smiles at her desk turning red

Abby is the most single-minded of May’s three best friends. She says what she wants without a filter and her life depends on the most basic human desires such as eating food and raising a panda. Her actions are not intellectual but instinctive, which leads to some excellent quotes Turning red.

Abby is a great friend in the event of a physical emergency such as a natural disaster or a bicycle accident. She can help with problems without delay or frustration. But if an ordeal arises that requires a subtle approach, Abby’s actions may not be very beneficial. She may involuntarily react in an outrageous way, which can make everyone’s results worse.

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8 Tyler

Tyler from Turning Red stands with other classmates.

Tyler is a bully and, therefore, one of the most emotionally intelligent characters Turning red. His mockery is simple, immature and foolish, and he makes a tremendous slip-up that reveals a big secret. Tyler shows a bit of intelligence (albeit a villain) when he blackmails Maine.

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Tyler relies on his bad behavior for attention instead of any skills or talent. These missing traits can also cause his 0f cock defect. His lack of accountability due to all the care taken for him due to his prosperous upbringing and the rejection of his parents may have been the source of his problems. All this aside, Tyler’s blackmail scheme shows street smarts and he gets what he wants.

7 Ming Lee

Turning Red - Mei Lee & Ming

For the first time Pixar voice actress Sandra Oh, voiced Mei’s mother, she has a clever character who can run her own business and is a mathematician during her school days. However, she was very clueless to her daughter’s embarrassment, proving that she did not have a complete emotional intelligence.

It is an unforgivable mistake not to be prepared for change. And the way Ming insulted his daughter, over and over again, was so public that she became the film’s most neglected character. Ming was so worried about tradition that she could not see her daughter suffering. All this seriously questions her intelligence. Good intentions are not enough when the empathetic areas of the brain are reduced to a state of uselessness.

6 Mr. Gao

Mr. Gao closed his eyes during the ceremony at Turning Red

James Wong played Pan in Evil The big problem in Little China, Voices Mr. Gao. This time, however, Wong plays a very kind, but still spiritual character. As a minor player in the film, Mr. Gao is aware of his skill and he shows intelligent composure in the heat of the moment.

Mr. Gov. knows not to get caught up in family conflicts. He knows when to sit down, eat lunch and wait for the main event. Mr. Gao was there for the job and he was going to do it. However, he spoke too much when he intimidated Maine about the ceremony, which was an unintentional and emotionally unwise move that would not allow Mr. Gao to be the clever character in the film.

5 Priya

Priya Night Fall Twilight turning red

Priya Meiki proves herself to be a great right winger, always having what she needs, which makes it somewhat great Turning red Best friendship moments. Priya was driven by the goal; She wants to go to the concert and she helps with their plan to get there. No matter what the adults say, Priya knows inherently what is good for Mei. Her calm and cool demeanor shows confidence and intelligence.

Priya is a prime example of how a person who speaks a few words can still tell a lot of things in their head. However, what discourages Priya is that she is just another part of the gang. Because she doesn’t say much, she doesn’t even give her own opinions, nor does she talk about the direction she wants to go in herself. She comes across as more of a follower than a person with personal goals and aspirations.

4 Miriam

Miriam is one of the most beloved characters. She is an average nerd kid who is passionate about boy-band music and gets into trouble. She’s a bit of a follower like the rest of the gang, but Miriam speaks more than the rest. Like Abby and Priya, even if the adults do not know, Miriam always knows what is right for you.

Miriam fulfills some of the basics of intelligence by knowing what she wants, having ideas on how to get there, and accepting them if things go wrong. She may not be able to write a coherent note in class, but Miriam is able to express her feelings very thoughtfully and deliberately. Also, her ability to forgive Maine is a sign of deep emotional intelligence.

3 Jin Lee

Gin and ming at the kitchen table in Turning Red

Mei’s father, Jin Lee, stayed away from the extreme situations between Mei and her mother and began to distance themselves a little. He can cook beautiful dishes, but his vision looks as foggy as his glasses. In the best films where people turn into animals, Jin often appears as a spectator.

While he had to be ready for Mei’s fur problem, Jin realized sooner than his wife that it was crucial to his daughter’s happiness. He realizes that his wife’s family traditionally sees things as a personal choice for his daughter and that no one else likes him. He put aside his own fears to do what was right for Mei.

2 Wu, your grandmother

Split Image Grand Wu is in her human and panda forms at Turning Red

May’s grandmother may be cold, harsh and overbearing, but as soon as she saw your problem, she understood her share, knew the solution and oversaw the process herself. Vuku knew that his daughter could not handle the situation on her own and even took her sisters as a backup.

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Wu understood from experience how important this event was to Mei and their family. When it comes to her daughter Ming, Wu is fully aware of the problems in their relationship. She knew in that look that he had failed her, and she did not want him to make the same mistake. Wu reveals that his difficulty outside is only a shell for his self-awareness, mentally intelligent core.

1 May Lee

The most intelligent man Turning red Mei is also the main character. She is an excellent student, flutist and tour guide in her family business. May finds out what caused her to turn red, she makes a plan to raise money and she decides what is best for her despite her mother.

Mei has proven herself to be book smart, street smart and mentally self-aware. Where some of the characters depend on the smart brand, Mei combines all of its characters and turns them into powerful drinks that can take anything. She can start with any shortcomings, such as fulfilling her mother’s wishes, while Mei overcomes them quickly by knowing what she wants, making a plan and following it to the end.

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