Top 10 Faith & Intelligence Weapons in the Elden Ring

If you are looking for a weapon that will help you conquer every boss in the Elden Ring, these next 10 Faith and Intelligence weapons will outweigh the rest.

As you begin to reach the end of the game the bosses of the Elden Ring will take you one step further. Margit, if you think The Fell Omen is a challenge, wait until you meet Melania, the Blade of Miquella.

And if you are going to build witches, you may need more than spells to defeat specific enemies.

Focus points can be rapidly depleted, especially when referring to some extreme sorcery such as Comet Azure or Astel’s meteorite.

So it’s great to have weapons that you can rely on when things are a little closer for comfort.

But you just should not have any weapons. You need weapons that scale with intelligence and confidence. So your spells get stronger and your weapons stay the same.

These are the 10 best weapons to scale with confidence and intelligence in the Elden Ring.

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Relic Sword Elden Ring

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Best FAI / INT Scaling Weapons in the Elder Ring for Faith & Intelligence Builds

These 10 Elden Ring weapons are the best for Intelligence and Faith Build.

These weapons are an excellent addition to any faith or intelligence structure. Some of them are well suited for close quarters. Others can be used as a trump card for the hardest bosses.

But all of them are included in your inventory and are considered to be better than most weapons.

10. Godslayer GreatSword

Elden Ring Godslayers GreatSword

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Godslayer GreatSword is not only an incredibly great sword of Reach and Power, but its unique skill, The Queen’s Black Flame, is well enough to melt even the strongest enemies.

When players use The Queen’s Black Flame, it ignites the Great Sword with the powerful black flame that players see on Godskin’s enemies.

Once lit, it launches the flame with a swaying slash. As a bonus, the black flames at the enemy’s HP continue to be cut short.

Black Flame is great against the holy enemies, which are almost all the final bosses in the Elden Ring.

Players can find it in the Divine Tower of Kleid: Basement. Defeat Godskin Apostle and there will be a chest in an area behind the boss room.

Requirements: STR 20, DEX 22, FAI 20

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9. Winged psyche

If the Elden Ring is winged

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The wing scythe is one of the best starter weapons you can use if you are going for Faith Build. You can find it very early and if you upgrade it to +10, the scythe can carry you until the end of the game.

Its unique skill, the Angels Wings, allows players to fill the sky with light and provide a slashing wave towards the enemy.

This skill is very powerful against invaders and bloody fingers because it prevents them from using their flask to cure.

Players can find it in the Tomb’sward Ruins on the Weeping Peninsula. Go to the ruins and go down the stairs.

The scythe is inside the chest.

Requirements: STR 16, DEX 16, FAI 24

8. Maliket’s Black Blade

Elden Ring Maliketh

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It takes a bit of strength to use Maliket’s Black Blade, but its skill, Destined Death, is the best in the Elden Ring.

When players use Destined Death, they are called slashes of blood that they inflict on their enemies. If these slashes fall, they will shorten your enemy’s health for a short time.

It has incredible range and is a powerful great sword that can destabilize even the most armored enemies.

But it can be very difficult to get. You must defeat Maliket, Black Blade. Maliket Elden is one of the last bosses in the ring and lives in Crumbling Farm Azula.

You need to be quick on your toes to defeat him and avoid the Destined Death skill. You will get his memory after you defeat him in battle.

You can take this memory to Enia on Round Table Hold and trade it for Maliket’s Black Blade weapon.

Requirements: STR 34, DEX 12, FAI 20

7. Moonwheel

Elden Ring Moonwheel

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If you are still looking for light that can do a lot of damage to your enemies then the Moonwheel Katana is the perfect weapon.

This is perfect for mazes that make up most of the glass artillery build. It allows you to get attacks quickly and from a distance with its temporary moonlight special skill.

This skill allows you to sharpen your blade and launch a light attack. If you use a light attack, it will make a horizontal slash. If you make a massive attack, it uses a more powerful vertical slash attack.

Players can find it in the Gayle Tunnel in Kylide. Go to the magma wire and the moonwheel will drop after you beat it.

Requirements: STR 12, INT 23, DEX 18

6. Ruins Greatsword

Elden Ring Ruins Greatsword

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Ruin Great‌sword is an excellent intelligence weapon that packs a series of losses.

Its unique skill, Waves of Destruction, allows players to send a wave of gravitational force, which shakes the ground and makes it harder for enemies to escape.

Its biggest drawback is that it requires 50 STR, which means that most intelligence builders can only use it if they focus on strength / intelligence build.

But seeing how devastating it can be is definitely worth the trip.

It is also one of the legendary weapons in the Elden Ring.

Ruiz’s GreatSword drops from Miss Begotten Warrior and Crucible Knight duo boss at Redman Castle Plaza.

Requirements: STR 50, INT 16

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5. Dark Moon Greatsword

Elden Ring Dark Moon Greatsword

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The Dark Moon GreatSword is a powerful heavy-hitting weapon that does not require much force to launch surprisingly. It’s the greatest heavy weapon intelligence users can find in the Elden Ring.

Its unique skill, the Moonlight GreatSword, allows players to fill the sword with Frost Moon magic.

This turns their massive attack into a moon frost slash wave, which can damage enemies and cause ice damage.

It’s a tool in Frost Maze Build, and when combined with Adula’s Moonblade, it allows players to quickly dispose of enemies using Frost Damage.

To get it, players must complete the entire queen’s questline.

Requirements: STR 16, INT 38, DEX 11

4. Black Knife

Black Knife Elden Ring

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Black Knife is a smaller version of Maliket’s Black Blade. It has similar capabilities though dagger.

This means that players who focus on the Faith Build will be able to use it without spending more points elsewhere.

Its unique skill, the Blade of Death, releases a blade-like projector that constantly strikes at your enemies.

Spirit Ash has a single weapon, the Black Knife, which means that if you both use the Blade of Death on an enemy, you will act on it quickly.

Requirements: STR 8, DEX 12, FAI 18

3. Wing of Astel

Wing of Astel

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The following three weapons all have amazing special skills that can change the tides of any battle and are generally suited to light structures that have mages.

The Wing of Astel is the lightest of the three, but its skill allows players to gain distance between themselves and the enemy, while quickly dealing damage.

A special skill is called a nebula and it allows players to jump back and create a slowly exploding cosmic smoke cloud.

Players can find the Wing of Astel in the ruins of Uhl Palace.

When you’ve there, be sure to head to Astal, Natural Born of the Voide for another great INT Weapon Bastards Stars.

Requirements: STR 7, INT 20, DEX 17

2. Sword of Night & Flame

Elden Ring Sword of Night and Flame

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Sword of Knight and Flame is one of the most common weapons on this list, but its unique skill makes it absolutely the best at any point in the game.

Special skill, Night-and-Flame Stance, has two different attacks. When you hold down the skill button, your character records a specific attitude. You can charge a light attack or a heavy attack from here.

Light attack night uses comet bolt and heavy attack sends fire waves.

Both attacks can cause damage in the thousands. Even after its nerf, it still proves to be an asset to any intelligence and faith builds.

Players can find it at Caria Manor in the Liurnia of the Lakes.

Requirements: STR 12, DEX 12, FAI 24, INT 24

1. Sacred Relic Sword

Elden Ring Sacred Relic Sword

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Sacred Relic is perfectly suited for Sword Intelligence / Faith Builds because it inflicts a huge amount of sacred damage and has an excellent area of ​​special skill.

The special skill, the Wave of Gold, shoots a wave of gold through the earth, which means that like most witchcraft and spells it cannot be stopped by random rock or wall.

It just travels freely and causes damage to what it touches.

Sacred Relic Sword can cause significant damage on its own and if fully upgraded, it will only be possible to use Sacred Relic Sword to fight most of your battles.

Getting Elden Beast, the last boss in the Elden Ring, is the most brutal weapon on this list because you need to defeat him.

To go to the Elden Beast, you must defeat the first Elden Lord Godfrey on the Elden Throne.

From here, you can enter Erdtree, where your last battle will take place. After you defeat Elden Beast, you can take Elden Remembrance to Enia and turn it into Sacred Relic Sword.

Elden Ring Faith Build

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That’s all. If you are looking to build Intelligence of Faith-focused, these are the ten best weapons in your inventory.

If you have the best weapon for your construction, you need to make sure you have the best spells too! Check out some of our other guides to help you:

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