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REDWOOD CITY, California – Over the weekend at №8 Stanford hosted the Pac-12 invitation, №11 Boston University, №9 Northeast, №15 Wisconsin, №7 Syracuse, №18 Oregon, №3 California and №2 Washington. to the shores of Redwood.

The invitation allowed members of the Pac-12 conference and other top national competitors to compete against unknown enemies. The Cardinal came out over the weekend at No. 7 Syracuse, № 9 Northeast and № 15 Wisconsin and raced on both the Varsity Eight and Second Varisty Eight boats. Stanford had two wins in six races, defeating Northeastern University’s eighth boat with a time of 5: 55.73, just 34 seconds ahead of Wisconsin’s eight schools.

“Unfortunately, we didn’t have a training week or a racing weekend, we intended to,” the head coach said. Ted Sobolevsky. “Earlier this week we took out a few key athletes with illnesses and were unable to accelerate through our training. With that said, I don’t think in the end our lack of preparation changed the results significantly. The Northeast and Syracuse were faster teams. , and Wisconsin has given us one of the best weekend races. “

Speaking about the program’s efforts over the weekend, Sobolevsky noted that the cardinals were “able to gain a little speed in each of the eight high school races” and that the races were recorded a little better each time eight boats hit the water.

Sobolevsky noted that the “eighth second (boat) program to start the Northeast had a great victory, but struggled a little in the afternoon on Saturday and Sunday morning in windy conditions.” Finally, rowing coaches among men hope to “get a ton of information from the weekend … until a new understanding of the work (programs) needed to accelerate the end of the season.”

Stanford is set to meet № 18 Oregon states in Dexter Lake on April 16 for the next taste of the competition.


Coke: Elicia Smiers
8: Flynn Treger
7: Travis Senf
6: Peter Chestnut
5: James Wright
4: Henry Stewart
3: Ben Felter
2: Jacopo Maschitelli
1: Nick Maye

Coke: Valeria Gonzalez
8: Scott Bazar
7: Tyler Bauman
6: Nick Worl
5: Alec Walter
4: O’Brien’s place
3: James Fetter
2: Tibor Thompson
1: Paul Gorka


Stanford: 5: 55.73
Northeast: 5: 59.45

Stanford: 5: 49.22
Northeast: 5: 41.53

2V8 against Syracuse
Syracuse +15.0

V8 against Syracuse
Syracuse +8.2
* margin is used due to inconsistency in the time of officials *

2V8 against Wisconsin
Stanford: 6: 03.67
Wisconsin: 5: 55.47

V8 against Wisconsin
Stanford: 5: 41.61
Wisconsin: 5: 41.95

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