Training time for Husker coaches

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Spring for training – coaches too

It was a training and installation spring on the offensive side and it wasn’t limited to Husker players. Sean Beckton last season saw all of the attacking assistant coaches with him as this season saw new faces and new approaches.

Bekton said this week that the Nebraska coaching staff is in a better position to understand each other’s preferences than that in early spring. That’s a good sign, Becton said.

“Everyone has different ideas about how to work,” Becton said. “I took a step back. Coach Applewright wants to have another sign on the back of the run, and coach Rayola has done different things with Chicago. “

Part of this spring’s work by Nebraska staff was to simplify things in the running game to get to the bottom.

“There are some things we are still trying to figure out what coach Whipple and coach Rayola want ahead and some things in the transition game … I like that we are going where we are offensively. .. we are so much more physical and physical. so much more passionate about trying to improve each other and it will show next year.

“I think we’re defining everything now.”

The fraudulent season of the project continues

The NFL’s fraudulent drafts, when the calendar enters April, get hot and heavy, and while there are a number of different opinions about where to take the former Huskies, there seems to be a growing consensus that the second day of the islands is over. multiple can be taken. from the project.

NFL.comChad Reuters went through a fraudulent draft from four rounds, with center Cameron Jurgens in 44th place going to the Cleveland Browns and Cam Taylor-Britt in the third round to Minnesota. Other jokes will pass Joe Domann in the third round as well.

If even two matchmakers are selected before the third day, it’s the best Nebraska show in the NFL draft since 2016, when Malik Collins and Vincent Valentin both went on to win the third round. Amir Abdullah and Randy Gregory were both elected in the second round in 2015. If Nebraska were able to select three players in the third or early round this year, it would be the first time since 2007 (Adam Carricker, Brandon Jackson, Stuart Bradley). ) that a trio of Huskies were selected early.

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