Traveler Stories should bring back the LEGO game level manager

Lego Star Wars: The Sky Walker Saga And many stories of travelers Lego The games that preceded them were successful because of the unique combination of their ideas. On the one hand, they capture the essence of all sorts of popular IPs, from this Star Wars Marvel and DC superheroes, albeit with a much lighter heart. On the other hand, they are full of creative and creative team mechanics that capture the spirit of real life LEGO products. This combination of features makes up Lego Star Wars: The Sky Walker Saga And his special friends; There are a few other franchises that can consistently combine different generated IPs with Creative Edge.

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However, one wonders if the traveler’s stories Lego The game is going through its roots right now. Lego Star Wars: The Sky Walker Saga Still clearly all about LEGO, considering how the traveler’s story used LEGO to design these many set pieces, but the disadvantages Lego Creating a character means losing a lot of the player’s creativity. Traveler stories Lego The franchise needs to regain its creative spirit by reviving the mechanics like a level editor that includes a selection of past games. of the Lego The level manager completely captures the spirit of the franchise‚Äôs resourcefulness and deserves a second chance.

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Remember the LEGO Level Manager

So far, only traveler stories Lego Games are for Level Editor feature Lego Indiana Jones 2 And Lego Harry Potter years 1-4. While these managers were not part of the campaign and hung on to the side of the original experience, they were surprisingly strong. Traveler’s Story gives players access to all sorts of props, pieces of land, traps and enemies modeled after real-life LEGO, allowing players to create some very detailed levels. Players can manage the level physical field, add water or lava to the environment, and even bring in a second player to collaborate on the level.

LEGO products may generally come in the form of individual sets, but LEGO always depends on a person’s ability to use their imagination and create some fun from the pieces at hand. This is what makes the level manager so special. The stories of the travelers actually laid the building blocks Lego Indiana Jones 2 And Lego Harry Potter In the hands of the player and encouraged them to do whatever they want. With such a strong analysis of LEGO product concepts, the level manager really deserves to return to the traveler’s story game later. Sky Walker Saga.

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Maintaining creativity in Lego games

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The need for new access to the level editor is particularly pressing due to the removal of custom characterization. Sky Walker Saga. Traveler stories may have been dreamed up all over the world Sky Walker Saga, But without a character assignment or level manager, players will unfortunately have fewer ways to express themselves and use their imagination in the new game. There is still hope that character creation will come back in the future Lego The game, however, must try to bring back the level manager in addition to the character builder to create for it. Sky Walker SagaMissing property.

It’s been a while since Traveler’s Story has created a level editor in one of its original games, so there’s no telling what it will look like in the future. While more precise ground manipulation and larger types of seatbelts will make sense, traveler stories can go beyond that. It would be nice if the next level manager would allow players to upload their own creations and download other players’ creations in style. Super Mario Maker sort of

Fans expecting a level editor will only have to wait and hope for now. The story of the traveler may not have mentioned the manager’s plans at any level, but his interest in it. Sky Walker Saga Definitely suggests that it is interested in returning to creative, complex features like a level editor.

Lego Star Wars: The Sky Walker Saga Released April 5, 2022 for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

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