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The success of the two successful UA teachers inspires other women.

Dr. Sydney Chinanachokchai. (Photo by Jamie Newhall, senior multimedia producer at UA)

March marked the month of women’s history by celebrating International Women’s Day March 8. However, it is important that the celebration of women successful teachers at the University of Akron continues.

In this piece are the profiles of Dr. Sydney Chinchanachokchay and Dr. Alexa Fox, both assistant professors of marketing at the College of Business. These two teachers are interested in research and inspire future generations through teaching.

Fox’s path to success began at the University of Akron, where he earned a BSBA degree in international business and an MBA in strategic marketing. He continued his visit to the University of Memphis, where he earned his Ph.D. in business administration.

“Teaching students at UA is a privilege for me because I find myself sitting at their desk as a student and seeing them grow up on their professional trips during their time in the marketing department,” Fox said.

Dr. Alexa Fox (Pictured by Jamie Newhall, Senior Multimedia Producer at UA)

Fox sees his mother’s unconditional love and encouragement for realizing his potential as the key to his success.

“Even if the road is long, she and my father have always wanted to make sure we do our best, and this is a lesson I hope to pass on to my children.” Fox says.

The Chinchanachokchai Academic Tour began at Tammasat University in Thailand, where he received a bachelor’s degree. He continued his studies in the United States at the University of Illinois, where he earned a higher professional degree..B.A and Ph.D.

“My parents didn’t have much when they grew up, but they went to college and worked hard to build their own business.” Chinchonochokchai notes.

“So we have been taught that education is the best way to go up the social and economic ladder and we should strive for higher education.”

Since English is not the first language of Chinchanachokcha, becoming a professor at an American university was not an easy task. However, Chinchonachokchai a the target person. She grew up in a culture that loved boys, but her grandmother taught her how to be strong, independent, hardworking, and purposeful to avoid the expectations of society.

“Women can play different roles in society, not just mothers or wives,” says Chinchachanchokchai. “They can be thoughtful and influential leaders.”

Research is a passion for both people. Focus on online and Fox privacy research exchange,» that sometimes mothers endanger the privacy and security of their children by posting their children’s information on social networks. At present, Chinchachokcha’s attention is focused on consumer psychology. He presents his findings on healthy consumption among vulnerable populations at academic conferences around the world and is the author of many well-known publications.

Fox and Chinchanachokchai were both inspired by the strong examples of women in their families and hope to inspire future generations with what they have learned on the journey.

Says Fox: “My advice is to be gracious when dealing with stressful situations and not be ashamed to ask for advice from those who have experienced it before. Also, realize that what works for you may be different from someone else, so don’t be afraid that your path will be a little different. ”

Chinchonachokchai says, “I have learned that failure is the best teacher, and it helps to grow. I used to be afraid of accepting new challenges or trying new things because I was afraid of failure. However, I realized that without getting new challenges and therefore potential failures, there is no improvement and I am left alone. ”

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