UGA students are starting to register for the fall 2022 courses Campus News

Time registration tickets for the autumn courses of 2022 at the University of Georgia opened on Thursday.

Many students are amazed during this period as they try to prepare the perfect schedule with the right classes. However, different elements are involved in creating each student’s workload.

Yonu FalowoThe third year of the Department of Management Information Systems and Economics, he said that he had previously changed the department and entered university, thanks to which he transferred several times as a consultant.On Thursday, he and the rest of the undergraduates were able to enroll in classes with pharmacy, veteran, active and backup member students.

“Since I register so soon, I have no problem with that [the registration process]. The only problems that really arise are whenever you register for honors, because you have to compete with other students with honors, ”said Falowo.

Falowo is in addition to the field of economics joint study in international trade. He said he knew his four-year class plan before meeting his adviser. which helped simplify the process of registering for higher level courses.

nowadays Ari Izenson is a sophomore in Human Development and Family Science, but she once studied nutrition science. She believes that her transition between different curricula has been helped by her advisors from past and current disciplines.

“They both helped me decide that this is a path that is better for me and focused on what I want to do,” Izenson said.

She said her classes were now better suited to her future career in HDFS and found them more interesting because she could choose what she wanted to complete.

Aimee DowdAn academic advisor at the College of Family and Consumer Sciences since October 2021, has been helping students with schedules for more than seven years in a variety of disciplines.

“I think we do it in a fair way, according to credit hours, so if, for example, you need to graduate, you’re one of the first to sign up. But, I wish there was a way to make this process less stressful for students, “said Dowd..

Dowd recommends that students use counseling hours or resources at the Exploratory Center to ask questions on topics such as planning or changing departments at any time during the semester.

“We have a large core in UGA with a lot of options,” says Dowd. “One of the best ways to find out what field you are interested in is through experience. So it can be a class experience or an out-of-class experience. ”

Dowd said it could also meet students’ basic class requirements. As students begin to enroll in Athens to plan their upcoming semester, Dowd encourages them not to delay or stress too much.

“Sometimes you can’t get the perfect schedule, but you can get it, so if you run into any problems, it’s okay to breathe,” Dowd said. “You can try to contact your advisor, try contacting the department. There are resources to help you with that. ”

The registration period lasts until Sunday, April 24. Logins take precedence services through the Resource Center for people with disabilitiesand otherwise based on credit hours, although this may vary depending on the area of ​​study. To contact the registrar’s office for assistance, click here.

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