Ukraine intelligence says Russia has been unable to produce new tanks due to economic problems

Russia is facing difficulties due to sanctions imposed by Western countries. Ukrainian intelligence indicates that production of new tanks in Russia has stopped due to economic problems. It said the Russian machine-building company, located in Nizhny Tagil, Russia, was trying to resolve the situation brought about by Western sanctions by Ural Vagonzavod. Although Russia continues to invade Ukraine, the Russian Federation will not continue to produce high-tech weapons without a supply of imported parts.

Ukrainian intelligence says Russia has stopped production of new weapons, including “T-90” and “T-14” Armata tanks. He said the facility had diverted its attention to repairing military equipment damaged during the conflict with Ukraine. According to local media, Moscow has set up an operation center to repair military equipment destroyed during the conflict with Ukraine. Intelligence says rising interest rates on loans, a shortage of foreign-currency loans and rising prices of materials and components, especially armored steel, are contributing to Russia’s problems.

Thea Kendler, an assistant secretary in the Export Administration at the Ministry of Commerce, said in a speech in late March that Russian machine-building company Uralvagonzavod was having problems with its operations. Production of the new Russian T-14 Armata tank did not go ahead as planned before the war, and the Bulgarian military said the main reason was a lack of funding.

Uralvagonjavod received another setback

Amid challenges with the construction of heavy armed military equipment, Uralvagonzavod received another setback, this time from a court in Moscow rather than the west. Promtransinvest AD, a Moscow-based company, bought 222 Ural‌vagonzovod railway cars a year ago, but on inspection, a total of 222 wagons were found to have defective traction equipment. The buyer decided to fix the problem, which cost him $ 161,000 and filed a lawsuit in Moscow. A Moscow court has ruled in favor of PromtronInvest AD and ordered that the money spent on repairs to Ural Vagonzavod be repaid to Promtroninvest AD.

Image: AP

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