Ukrainian intelligence alleges China hacked a few days before the attack: report

According to Ukrainian intelligence reports obtained by the British daily The Times, China launched a major cyber attack on Ukraine’s military and nuclear facilities before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian security service says the Chinese government has tried to hack more than 600 websites belonging to the government and other key agencies.

The security forces allege that the attacks began before the end of the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing and escalated the day before Russian forces invaded Ukraine on February 23.

The agency said China had tried to hack several agencies, including the Ukrainian defense forces, the National Bank and the Railway Authority. According to the report, the attacks were aimed at stealing data and finding ways to disrupt or shut down the country’s defense and critical infrastructure.

Ukrainian officials allege that in the weeks and days leading up to the attack, the Russians targeted several Ukrainian government websites, including parliament and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Defense.

Although China has not publicly declared its support or opposition to the war in Ukraine, this does not mean that some experts are not helping behind the scenes.

However, experts quickly explained that the cooperation between the two countries is very low because the Chinese playbook in cyberspace is different from Russia.

“In general, when we talk about China in cyberspace, we are talking about cyber espionage rather than cybertalks,” said Josephine Wolf, associate professor of cybersecurity policy at Tufts University Fletcher School.

Experts say Chinese actors target their victims through cyber espionage and gather intelligence, not only to steal intellectual property and trade secrets, but also to disrupt and harm complex infrastructure networks and operations.

Experts who spoke to The Hill before the release of the Times article said there was no credible evidence that China was helping Russia launch cyber-attacks on Ukraine.

Michael Daniel, president and CEO of the Cyber ​​Threat Alliance, said: “The Russians are unlikely to get China’s help with that.

“Russia has a lot [cyber] It is difficult for me to imagine such a collaboration in its own right, ”he said.

The Chinese and Ukrainian embassies as well as the White House office of the National Cyber ​​Director did not respond to a request for comment on the matter.

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