Unleash your creativity in lighting with gooey glide hexa light panels

Unlike traditional RGB lighting that displays one color on a panel at a time, Goa’s RGBIC technology displays multiple colors at a time on each panel, which can be easily controlled. Use Govi Home App. Each LED panel is designed with a special transparent cap, which allows the light to illuminate the back wall, creating a warm glow that is very soft.

Master Design

setting up LED light panels The Govee Home App is relatively simple with instructions. The boards can be arranged in order One own or customer Can choose one of the pre-made shapes that are available of the Organize the app anywhere inside them of the Interior space to build the House The decoration of the colors. Customers Can easily create a masterpiece in the wall or extend it with the included cordable connecting cables to fit in the corner with minimal effort.

Bring Funnt to life

Govi Glade Hexa Light Panels create an electric space for any living room, bedroom or playroom. With the music state, the built-in ultra-sensitive mic makes noises from it Movies, Games and music for a more active lighting experience. There are also pre-made scene conditions such as rainbow and sea choices for rich and vibrant colors and effects. of the Space for further enhancement one Personal aesthetics, take advantage of the DIY situation to create one Your light for every occasion. Choose from 16 million colors and wide effects to find the right lighting for everyone.

Lots of hands free controls

In the Govi ​​Home app, Buyers will Access every possible feature to truly personalize Of them Glade light boards. Adjust colors, effects, etc. with a simple tap. Not only that, but there is also the option to connect of the Hexar light panels to Alexa and Google Assistant for access to smart voice control. Change colors and effects Govi Glide the hex light and panel using the power the voice

Availability and price

Govi Glide Hexa Light Panel for Retail 199.99. They are currently available in the United States. EuropeAnd Canada. All products come with standard 1 year warranty and free shipping. They can be purchased through the official online Govee store (govee.com) or through the Govee Amazon page.

About Govee

Since then November 2017, Govee has created state-of-the-art lighting and home products for consumers from all over the world. We are committed to maintaining high quality standards for our smart home technology. The Goi Home app has a growing community of over 8 million registered users. We’ve also received significant reviews from trusted publishers such as Usage and Android Options. For more information on Govee, please visit our website govee.com

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