Veranda Learning IPO opens today. Subscription status and other details at 10 points

Veranda Learning IPO (Offering Initial Public Offering) opens today for subscription and it will be open for auction until March 31, 2022. The price level of the constructed book is above the face value 10 is set for each share 130 to 137 for a share. The coaching service company plans to grow $ 200 million from its public release. According to market observers, Veranda Learning IPO GMP (premium gray market) is not available as stocks in the gray market have not yet made their mark.

Here are 10 important details about Veranda Learning IPO:

1]Patio Learning IPO GMP: Shares of Veranda Learning have not yet debuted in the gray market. Therefore, the Veranda Learning IPO premium gray market is not available today.

2]Price IPO Veranda Learning: The online and offline coaching company has set the price of the Veranda Learning IPO at a set level 130 to 137 for a share.

3]Veranda Study IPO Date: The subscription edition opens today and it will remain open for bidding until March 31, 2022.

4]Veranda Learning IPO size: The company aims to improve 200 million soums from this public issue.

5]Date of IPO distribution Veranda Learning: The approximate date for the distribution of Veranda Learning shares is April 5, 2022.

6]IPO Veranda Learning List: The shares of the coaching company are listed on both the NSE and BSE and the IPO listing date is Veranda Learning April 7, 2022.

7]Veranda Learning IPO lot size: A bidder may apply for an IPO in lots. One lot will consist of 100 shares of the company and one participant can submit a maximum of 14 lots.

8]Maximum Investment Veranda Learning IPO: Since a bidder can apply for a minimum of one lot and a maximum of 14 lots, the minimum bid amount for an IPO is this. 13,700 ( 137 x 100) while the maximum investment allowed in an IPO 1,91,800 [( 137 x 100) x 14].

9]Veranda Learning IPO registrar: KFintech Private Limited has been appointed as the official registrar of the public edition.

10]Veranda Learning IPO Apply or not: Veranda Learning IPO review offer; Abhay Doshi, Founder of, said, “Veranda is engaged in a business offering diversified and integrated learning solutions in a mix of online, hybrid and offline formats. The company only launched in December 2020 and therefore not much. . record for valuation.The company announced a loss $ 18.2 million in revenue In 6MFY22 alone, 15.6 million rupees. The sector is evolving and competitive with big players who have the ability to burn cash. The bid price is about 25x the Price / Rates for a loss-making company with a record low. The initial sentiment of the market is low and the loss-making companies have not been able to make a big impact on their debut on the stock exchanges. “

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