Veranda Learning Share list on Monday. What experts say about Premium

Shares of Veranda Learning will enter Dalal Street on Monday, April 11, 2022. According to the BSE website, the IPO listing date for Veranda Learning is April 11, 2022, and shares in Group ‘T’ securities will be listed at the Special Pre-Opening Session (SPOS) at the time mentioned above.

According to stock market experts, Veranda Learning’s share price may have a “silent listing” because it is a loss-making company that may not be of interest to investors after the listing. They are of the opinion that the public issue can be opened within 150 to 160 levels, which gives IPO distributors a 10-15% bonus.

Talking about Veranda Learning IPO forecasting prices; Ravi Singhal, vice president of GCL Securities, said, “The company is a loss-making enterprise, but it is listed in the‘ T ’category. So I expect some rewards for distributors. However, a lot will depend on market sentiment. In the event of negative emotions on Dalal Street, Veranda Learning shares may open around 150 levels in each, while in a state of positive emotion, it can open up around it 160 levels per piece. “

Looking forward to a discounted listing of Veranda Learning shares; Manoj Dalmia, Founder and CEO of Proficient Equities Limited, said, “Veranda Learning is a loss-making company and in recent years investors have burned a lot of money after investing in such loss-making companies and technology companies. So I don’t expect that too much for distributors. , because this issue is also expensive. “

Ravi Singh, Vice President and Head of Share India Research, said, “Veranda Learning’s share price may have a slight discount to the opening because the company’s fundamentals are too dull. A new investor may not be interested in listing shares and it could go down after the trigger. booking profits among distributors. “

Disclaimer: The opinions and recommendations mentioned above are from individual analysts or brokerage firms, not from Mint.

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