Volodymyr Selensky, President of the College of Manor of Ukraine receives an honorary degree

The Manner College in Jenkintown will present the first honorary degree in the history of the college to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Selensky at the May graduation ceremony, the school announced Friday.

Founded by the Ukrainian Sisters in 1947, the college recognizes a man who has been hailed by Western governments for his brave and courageous leadership in the struggle against the Russian occupation, from actor and comedian to global star.

Manner said Selensky will join 15 other colleges and universities across the country in awarding honorary degrees.

“Manor’s Board of Trustees, Manor’s Associates, myself and the rest of the civilized world view the depth, compassion and courage of President Selensky’s leadership,” said Jonathan Perry, President of Manor College in a statement. “President Selensky’s humanity and concern for the people of Ukraine are unparalleled in the contemporary world.”

Manor and other schools, including Bard College, Utica University, and Le Moin College, invited other colleges to join.

Irina Masur, Honorary Consul in Ukraine, Philadelphia, will be graduating for Selensky.

“It is an incredible honor to receive this award on behalf of President Selensky, a world leader who has become a symbol of unity against Russian aggression, power and the defense of democracy,” she said.

The school announced that the Ukrainian president will receive an honorary doctorate in humanitarian letters, and the award will be given to those who have distinguished themselves by their humanitarian and philanthropic contributions to society.

Manor College bills itself as the only recognized college in the United States founded by Ukrainian clergy, which continues to be close to its roots.

After the outbreak of the war, the Ukrainian raised $ 50,000 for humanitarian needs, launched a scholarship program to help Ukrainian refugee students, and ran a weekly support group for students dealing with war anxiety.

The private, Catholic institution offers two- and four-year degrees to 750 students of all faiths and backgrounds.

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