Volunteer Or Learn: Pick Up The Ropes Of Permaculture Here

Aranya, Telengana

Aranya is a Unicef ​​acclaimed organization that works towards changing the ecological discourses in the country. The organization’s site mentions that ‘aranya’ is a Sanskrit term that literally translates to ‘forest’ and hence, the community tries to connect back with nature with its attempts at bringing sustainable agriculture practices to common use. In its 13-day course, they try to provide a thorough overview of permaculture ideas, design processes, and applications, with a special emphasis on permaculture in the community. The curriculum gives learners plenty of time to absorb theory, gain hands-on experience, and adapt to the farm’s daily rhythms. It is a certified curriculum, enhanced and tailored to the local environment of Telegana while fulfilling the learning needs of each student.

Smell Of The Earth, Birbhum

Ever wanted to learn how to grow vegetables, herbs, and fruits, but weren’t confident enough about how to go about it? Or perhaps you did not think you had enough space in your flat or house to do so? Or have you been looking for the perfect family holiday option which teaches your kids all about nature, the soil, and earth? We found the perfect solution for you. Smell Of The Earth is a gorgeous farmstead located in Birbhum (near Shantiniketan) with a self-sufficient farmstead which is now the hub of lessons on permaculture, growing food, and leading life in an eco-friendly manner. They host several workshops and short courses through the year where you can learn how to design and maintain ecological spaces starting from small urban spaces up to a self-sufficient farm so that you can step out of the chemical food cycles and provide wholesome organic food for. your family, and create farm-based businesses.

TIEEDI, Darjeeling

An environment conservation organization based out Darjeeling, TIEEDI’s work revolves around experiential environment education, regenerative tourism, natural farming, decentralized waste management solutions and sustainable land design consultation. They have hosted travelers from all corners of the world. They also provide volunteering options where people learn about permaculture while contributing in any one of our projects. In the past, they have hosted workshops led by local communities on the dying art of weaving with bamboo and creating baskets and fences.


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