Voters will consider a $ 21.5 million bond offer for the Bled district school district on May 3

IONIA COUNTY, MI – Schools in the Bleding area have a 30-year, $ 21.5 million bond offer at the ballot box on Tuesday, May 3, that will fund new playgrounds for elementary schools, classroom facelifts and safety upgrades across the county.

The bond proposal will not raise taxes, but will expand the county’s current tax rate of 7 million, Superintendent Brent Nosky told MLive / The Grand Rapids Press. said.

If approved, the owner of a $ 200,000 home, with a taxable value of $ 100,000, will continue to pay $ 700 a year in taxes, Nosky said.

Nearly half of the bond money will be invested in upgrades at Balding High School and Woodview Elementary, the commissioner said.

The district wants to build safer entrances in each of the buildings, with canopy structures above the openings to ensure a safer and more controlled download area.

“Safety and security are our top priorities,” Nosky said. “We do not have secure entrances (middle school and voodoo). Whenever a state soldier passes through our county, this is one of the first recommendations they always recommend is that we should secure those entrances. So that’s one of the things we do.”

The proposal will also fund new playgrounds in elementary schools. This was one of the improvements families sought in a community survey this fall, Nosky said.

A significant portion of the bonds will be used to upgrade infrastructure across the county. This includes heating and cooling upgrades, as well as replacing ceilings, flooring, doors, windows and wall waterproofing, according to bond information on the district website.

The district will also re-exclude all parking areas and replace aging buses.

“We have parking lots that are just crumbling,” the inspector said.

Bleding has a 3-minute instructional video on the bond offer on the county website, at the link here.

Schools in the Bleding area enrolled 1,673 students in the 2021-2022 school year, according to the latest state data. The county is in Ionia County but there are 1,791 registered Kent County voters eligible to vote on a school improvement commitment.

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