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Two is a challenging and flexible number when it comes to the wire duo Duo-B which is made up of violin diamond burter and celestial Philip burter.

The challenge that this technical skill requires is to cover the missing parts of the large instruments that have been applied to the two players, flexible in that it expands the melody and reciprocal possibilities for the original work written for violin and cello. .

The challenge and resilience come together in the Duo-B program “Reimagining Bach” which will be presented on Sunday at St. Alban’s Episcopal Church, the final concert of the church’s sacred arts series. This is the first live performance for the couple in Waco since they and their kids moved to the city two years ago, as the COVID-19 epidemic has shut down so many things, and second, if anyone has calculated an online virtual concert before they To do.

Philip, 38, is an associate professor of cello at Baylor University, while Heron, 33, composes and teaches personal violin. Both are the parents of four children, three sons and a daughter, from 8 to 1 year old who was born in Waqf a year ago on Friday.

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They both met in 2009 in Germany where she was studying violin in Berlin and she was studying outside the East Main School of Music. The two broke it down, leading to a relationship that led to education at Eastman School, marriage, a career spanning more than a decade and a family.

The Duo-B, the pair they make, enables them to describe and create classic repertoire for violin and cello, with much emphasis on detail and composition, thanks in large part to the composition of the diamonds. “There is a rich tradition of music that is not widely used,” Philip said. Often this is the starting point, with new lines being added or combined with classic, folk and rock styles.

Both have performed at venues such as the Kennedy Center in Washington DC, the Kodak Hall of the Eastman School, the University Convent in Berlin and the Minato Mirai Hall in Yokohama, Japan.

Playing as a pair proves to be less of a limitation than the larger insulated section, where players work with instruments written with the collective voice in mind. “There’s a lot of freedom in that, but it certainly poses some challenges. It forces us to be more innovative when it comes to voices and structures,” Philip said.

Sunday’s long “Remnant Bach” showcases her work in taking themes and lines from classic composer Johann Sebastian Bach and reworking them in new styles. The concert will also feature part of their experience with Latin American music, “Tango Nostalgia” in the style of Argentine composer Astor Piazzola.

Philip said his family had found Waco “the right size for us.” With the reduction of past concert restrictions across the country, the Duo-B will begin using Waco as a home base for outdoor concerts, with performances at the Victoria Bach Festival in Victoria this June, and at Taylor And concerts begin in San Antonio.

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