We All Have Something to Teach Our MS Doctors

Now and again, when I go to visit my local general practitioner’s office, I meet with a doctor I’ve never seen before.

This private practice in my town is run by a husband-and-wife team who have three young children. They like to take the occasional holiday together (which no one would begrudge a family), so to keep the doors open for patients, they use the services of a locum tenens — Latin for “placeholder,” which in the medical profession is often shortened. to “locum,” and meaning “replacement doc.”

I think of the locum like a chef de tournant, or relief chef, in my former career. This is the roundsman who fills in for the grill cook, the saucier, the entremetier, etc., on any given night to cover a shift off for the person normally working that station.

How I Adapt My Speech to a New Doctor

While I’m more used to seeing one or the other of my regular doctors, I’m perfectly comfortable with the locum … but I have to be more attentive, too.

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