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Somethings are never gone with time, they are evergreen and ever-enticing, be it the clothes of some fad, accessories, furniture or even toys. These peculiar things retain their fame and popularity throughout centuries and generations. One such thing is Rubik’s Cube — a puzzle which was invented in 1974 by a Hungarian sculptor named Erno Rubik.

Rubik’s cube is mindboggling, whoever has it, always try to solve a layer or two. But because it’s not easy, not everyone can solve it easily. But kids, to master a skill or solve a puzzle, all you need are a good memory and some tips. And in the case of Rubik’s Cube, you need to learn the algorithms, either take help from a master in it, or keep trying yourself.

Yet there is another way — you can take help from the internet. So today, we are helping out all those kids who really want to solve Rubik’s cube.

There are many variations of the Rubik cube nowadays but the most basic one is the 3x3x3 Rubik’s Cube. A 3x3x3 Rubik’s cube is made by joining 21 pieces: 1 principle piece with three axles, 8 corner pieces (corner solid shapes) with three tones, and 12 edge pieces (edge ​​3D squares) with two tones.

The first website is interestingly, the site is all but a 3-D cube simulator. You can learn by scrambling the cube, rotating the faces of the puzzle or using a color picker to find the rotation leading to the solution. You can drag the faces and the layers with your mouse or swipe the screen if you are using a touch screen. You can rotate the whole cube, scroll to zoom in and out. According to the site, the program finds solution in 140 steps, with a layer by layer method.

Another site, but with much easier ways to make you learn the pattern or the algorithm is — this website is detailed but gives you step by step tutorials in various ways. It tells you how the color layers work and how easily you can grasp the corners, edges and fixed cubes. Overall, both the sites are amazing and both simplify ways for you to solve the cube.

So practice and perform faster and more precisely after visiting these sites — ,

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