What retail businesses can learn from the casino industry — Retail Technology Innovation Hub

One method the casino industry has implemented expertly is in employing a hybrid approach to their spaces, with both physical casinos that are backed up by online offerings. Both have unique benefits, which when used together provide a complete approach.

For example, physical casinos have sights and sounds. Going to one is an event, which is hard to replicate when done on a screen. Yet the online casino offers a more casual form of play that can be used anywhere at any time.

In retail, you can do this in two ways. The first is by making your shop an experience. You need to want to make people get off their sofas and out into the world, to see what your space has to offer.

It needs to go beyond a conventional salesroom. However, casual shopping and browsing aspects can be done via a well-constructed application or a mobile friendly website.

Marketing methods

Another thing they must both have in common is a theme. Your branding and marketing methods must flow through between one and the other.

While they don’t need to be exact, you don’t want a high class, baroque themed clothing shop with a modern, street-style themed website. The two just won’t match.

You should not be afraid to use one to promote the other. Direct people in your retail space to your online store and create incentives for digital customers to go into shops.

By using this approach, you cover all bases and should begin to increase sales and footfall in both areas.

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