White House says intelligence shows Putin is being misled by advisers in Ukraine

Earlier in the day, President Joe Biden told reporters that he could not comment on intelligence.

According to a US official, the administration hopes that the revelation will help Putin reconsider his options in Ukraine. The officer had no authority to comment and spoke on condition of anonymity. The war with heavy casualties and the bravery of the Russian army led to a bloody stalemate in many parts of the country as Ukrainian forces and volunteers unexpectedly set up tight defenses.

The campaign also risks further alienating Putin, whom US officials say will be driven to some extent by the desire to regain Russian prestige lost by the collapse of the Soviet Union.

“It’s important to emphasize that this is a strategic mistake for Russia,” Bedding said in a statement. “But I’m not going to describe how … Vladimir Putin might be thinking about this.”

Biden, meanwhile, said in a 55-minute call to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky that he was offering an additional $ 500 million in direct aid to Ukraine. It was the latest explosion in US aid during the Russian invasion.

Asked about the latest intelligence, Foreign Secretary Anthony Blinken pointed out that there is a dynamic in the Kremlin, where advisers do not like to talk honestly with Putin.

“The main point of Achilles in authoritarian rule is that in those systems you have no people capable of speaking the truth with authority or truth with authority, and I think that’s what we see in Russia,” Blinken said. Reporters during a stop in Algeria on Wednesday.

The unidentified official did not elaborate on the evidence of how US intelligence made the decision.

The intelligence service confirmed that Putin was unaware that his army was using and forcing troops in Ukraine. They also confirmed that he was not fully aware of the extent to which the Russian economy would be damaged by the economic sanctions imposed by the US and its allies.

The official said the investigation would show Putin a “clear break in the flow of accurate information” and that Putin’s senior advisers were “afraid to tell him the truth.”

According to the White House, Biden briefed Zhelensky on the latest installment of aid during a call by leaders to review the security assistance already provided to Ukraine and the impact of weapons on the war.

The Jealousy Biden administration and other Western allies have been pressured to provide military jets to Ukraine, which the US and other NATO countries have so far been reluctant to worry about, leading Russia to extend the war beyond the Ukrainian border.

Prior to announcing $ 500 million in aid on Wednesday, the Biden administration had sent about $ 2 billion in humanitarian and security assistance to Ukraine since the start of the war last month.

Congress approved $ 13.6 billion earlier this month as part of a broader spending bill. Beddingfield said the Ukrainian government could use the latest round of financial aid “to strengthen its economy and pay for budget costs, including government salaries and management services.”

“We need peace, and it can only be achieved if we have a strong position on the battlefield,” he told the Ukrainian presidential website, Zhelensky Biden. Our courage is firm, our will is sufficient, but we need your immediate support.

Zhelensky said in a Twitter post that he had also spoken with Biden about the new sanctions on Russia. Beddingfield said the administration was considering options to expand and deepen existing sanctions.

The new surveillance comes after the White House on Tuesday expressed doubts over Russia’s public statement that it would dial back operations near Kyiv in an attempt to boost confidence in the ongoing talks between Ukrainian and Russian officials in Turkey.

Regional forces said on Wednesday that Russian forces had stormed the area around the Ukrainian capital and another city overnight.

The Pentagon said on Wednesday that some Russian troops had been moving north or south of Kyiv in the past 24 hours.

Pentagon press secretary John Kirby said in an interview with CNN and Fox Business that the US did not consider it a withdrawal, but an attempt to repatriate, refit and retain Russian troops.

Putin has long been seen as aggressive outside Russia and has always been surrounded by officials who do not tell him the truth. U.S. officials have publicly stated that Putin’s isolation during the Kovid-19 pandemic – limited flow of information – could have given the Russian president an unrealistic view of how quickly he could occupy Ukraine.

Prior to the war, the Biden administration had launched an unprecedented effort to propagate what it believed were Putin’s invasion plans, based on intelligence results. Although Russia is still attacking, the White House is widely credited with drawing attention to Ukraine and pushing allies who were initially reluctant to pull back the tough sanctions that have hurt the Russian economy.

However, the US also underestimated Ukraine’s determination to fight the attack, stressing the limitations of intelligence, said Lt. Gen. Scott Barrier, head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, in a recent statement before Congress.

AP authors Matthew Lee and Lolita C in Algiers. Contributed to Baldor Reporting.

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