WHS Nursing School Students Get Perfect Pass For National Exam Local news

The School of Nursing School of Health Care in Washington from December 2021 achieved a 100% passing rate in NCLEX, the National Board of Certified Nurses licensing examination.

This marks the fourth class out of the last nine that has achieved a perfect passing rate. The other five classes achieved transition rates between 91% and 97%, surpassing the overall transition rates in the country and nationally.

Graduates are required to pass the exam in order to practice.

“It’s an outstanding achievement. It’s a great honor to recognize the magnitude of the high accomplishments that come from the graduates of this program,” said Jamie Golden, director of staff education at the WHS School of Nursing.

Many factors contribute to the program’s successful transition rates, Golden said, including small classroom size – the ratio of faculty to student during clinics is about 1 to 5; Experienced staff; And state-of-the-art technology, including a simulation lab.

The program is a 16-month hospital-based RN Diploma program that includes four 15-week semesters.

“This is a very accelerated, rigorous, practical program for a person who wants to earn his certificate and start working,” Golden said. “It’s reasonable, there are a lot of scholarship opportunities, and students can get their education within a year and a half.”

The vast majority of graduates continue their nursing careers in health care settings in Washington, Green and the counties surrounding them.

“We are homemade. Most of the students in our program stay in this area to serve the people in our community,” Golden said.

Washington Hospital completed 126 classrooms.

Last year, the Nursing Schools Widower ranked Washington’s Health System Nursing School second among all 15 of Pennsylvania’s RN Diploma programs in the past decade.

All 15 graduates from the last grade are now employed as registered nurses.

And according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the workforce of registered nurses is expected to grow by 7% from now to 2029, with an additional 175,900 vacancies for RNs expected each year as the baby boomers retire and others move away from the profession.

As a result, Golden noted, health services offer higher salaries, bonuses and other financial incentives to nurses.

Nursing also provides a career path for people who are attracted to the profession because they want to help others.

“It’s really significant for someone to graduate and earn $ 60,000 directly from the gate,” Golden said. “But it’s really rewarding to be there to take care of the people who need you.”

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