Will Artificial Intelligence be the driving force behind the future of healthcare startups?

The Artificial Intelligence technology industry is making revolutionary changes in its evolving path. From intelligent phones to intelligent cars and refrigerators, every aspect of human life is being facilitated by ‘intelligent’ devices.

One of the most important areas of Artificial Intelligence research is health care and well-being. Science is evolving rapidly and this is due to the fact that with increasing data collection and improved algorithms, health researchers are able to provide even better insights into how the human body works.

Investment in artificial intelligence in the healthcare industry is projected to grow from $ 6.9 billion in 2021 to $ 67.4 billion by 2027, with a combined annual growth rate of 46.2 percent, a testament to the industry’s confidence in embracing the use of artificial intelligence.

How to Start Using Artificial Intelligence in the Wellness Industry?

Artificial intelligence is based on the use of past data to make new recommendations by constantly factoring in recent data to improve future results. An algorithm is as good as the data it is given.

Key Steps in Using Artificial Intelligence in the Wellness Domain:

  1. Collecting input from trusted sources. The more data, the better the results will be. Data should be collected on different age groups, races and geographical ranges to ensure that the results are not biased.

  2. Ensuring that the data does not have major outliers undermines the accuracy of the results. Data preparation is an important step in removing any data that may be considered invalid.

  3. Finally after collecting and cleaning enough data, the result can be matched to fit the user needs and current fitness levels.

How Wellness Startups Are Using Artificial Intelligence Today:

Fast-paced startups are among the first to adopt better artificial intelligence solutions.

There are several ways to boost the growth of artificial intelligence prosperity startups:

  1. Identification and diagnosis of well-documented diseases

Body scans, such as EEG () and X-ray scans, can be analyzed by artificial intelligence algorithms to detect the potential for disease, if any.

  1. Health trend analysis

Based on the past history of foods, temperature and population, companies can determine how vulnerable the population in an area is to potential illnesses.

  1. Curated diet plans according to consumer preferences

At a more subtle level, artificial intelligence can be used to learn consumer preferences to help create optimized meal and workout plans for users who need to achieve a specific fitness goal, for example, consumers who require a low-sugar diet may have meal recommendations, and those with a history of heart problems should not suggest more workouts on cardio

  1. Exercise tracking

By using cameras to track movements, workout apps can make intelligent recommendations about a user’s exercise routine, adjusting their posture as needed.

  1. Chatbots and automation

By using Artificial Intelligence to manage chatbots and automate many manual tasks, startups are influencing the increased ability of Artificial Intelligence to slow down their average turnaround and assist a large number of users over a period of time.

Important factors to consider when adopting AI for health:

Since the wellness field is crucial, there are several factors to consider when integrating Artificial Intelligence as a technical solution for healthcare:

  1. Accuracy of diagnosis and recommended treatments

For health care, algorithms must provide accurate results. This means that a large amount of data needs to be analyzed, cleaned and used to train machine learning models. Data should be sampled across gender, age, fitness levels, socio-economic and geographical areas to ensure that the results produced are not biased or biased towards a specific population.

  1. User data privacy and security

Proper care must be taken to ensure that the data is anonymous and masked before being analyzed. Data must be encrypted before being stored to ensure that it is not used for any malicious purpose.

  1. Compatibility of results according to patient needs

The recent epidemic has taught us that trends can change overnight. Artificial intelligence algorithms should be a factor in recent data and should be able to measure its significance appropriately.

  1. Easy to understand for consulting professionals

It is easy for those who are using the results to understand the various factors that are considered to create the results. This ensures that they can understand the significance of any item that is not accessible to the algorithm.

Benefits of using AI in healthcare

There are several reasons why wellness companies choose to adapt their Artificial Intelligence to their startups:

  1. Improved diagnosis:

Extensive data pool results ensure that all factors are taken into account. The chance of being misdiagnosed by an error is significantly reduced.

  1. Real-time adaptation: Artificial intelligence algorithms adapt in real time to changing trends in human health conditions

  2. Sorted tasks: Artificial intelligence helps keep startups running costs by saving time and resources

  3. Improved research: Research in wellness has made significant progress since the adoption of Artificial Intelligence

Each of these factors adds up to an investment in Artificial Intelligence making it a great move for wellness start-ups.

The end

Many people with a selfish interest in wellness may wonder if it is worth the time and investment to adapt Artificial Intelligence to their startups. The answer is that it is definitely worth the investment! Adopting in advance makes the company ahead of its competitors.

(Sahil Bansal, Co-Founder & CEO, Fitello-Chandigarh-based startup offers customized nutrition and lifestyle management plans with its AI-enabled app. Views are personal.)

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Published on: Saturday, April 09, 2022, 10:28 PM IST

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