Wilmington firms launch cybersecurity app tool

Four Wilmington firms have teamed up with the goal of addressing cybersecurity and helping prepare workplaces against cyber threats, according to a press release Monday.

Atlantic Computer Services, Leath HR Group and PS Solutions have joined forces with the employee engagement app WorkTok to provide resources and education through the new tool Cyber ​​Tok.

Through the app, developed by a software team at PS Solutions, users can access 17 different human resources-approved templates and the new tool Cyber ​​Tok, which focuses on “asking employees if they are aware of phishing emails, cyber comfortability and more,” the release stated. “These efforts will help businesses get in front of any possible cyber attacks with the right resources and training.”

Cyber ​​Tok was made in partnership with Atlantic Computer Services, an IT and cybersecurity company.

“Improving employee cyber awareness is an important part of any cybersecurity plan. No matter the size of the business, employees pose a risk and providing cyber security training should be a priority for owners and managers,” Robbie Garner, CEO of Atlantic Computer, said in the release.

According to Garner, businesses that have a high risk of cyberattacks include those in the health care and real estate industries.

Cybersecurity continues to be an important issue in a burgeoning industry with a local cybersecurity startup recently receiving a $22 million investment. The University of North Carolina Wilmington has also been growing its cybersecurity program with professor and Center for Cyber ​​Defense Education director Ulku Clark at the helm.

Lisa Leath, co-founder of WorkTok and Leath HR Group, said in the release that training employees is one of the best ways to ensure they don’t fall for scams such as purchasing gift cards or giving away important information.

“With this partnership, WorkTok will help managers and business owners identify trainings to offer, needs to address, and help fight against cyber scares,” the release stated.

In addition, Atlantic Computer Services offers employee and management training on digital risks.

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