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The NC State Baseball team won an ACC sweep against the Boston College Eagles on Friday 15 April, winning both games of a doubleheader on the dock field.

The Pak (23-11, 10-7 ACC) overcame a 6-0 defeat to win 7-6 in 11 innings against the Eagles (15-21, 3-15 ACC) before completing the sweep at 6. -3 win in the series final.

Game One

With the success of the dramatic comeback, the Wolfpack have won three in a row. The Eagles held the game well in the first six and a half innings, but NC State scored six runs in the seventh over to tie the game at 6-6. Redshirt junior shortstop Josh Hood ran the winning run in the extra innings, finishing first on a throwing error that allowed second-year first-baseman Luje James Grover to cross the home plate for the win.

“It’s a tough game, especially at this competitive level,” Grover III said. “There will be a lot of next games like this. We were able to succeed in many of them because I think our character as a team is very good. We can move forward and come together as a team and score runs when we need them most.

Second-year right-hander Matt Villadsen scored the ball to start the day for the Wolfpack, but Boston College right-hander Henry Leek completely overtook him. While Villadson was characterized by his first few innings, Lee was untouchable in six innings and notched nine of his strikeouts and misses.

Villadsen eventually settled in, hitting seven runs in a row at one point, but even that did not stop the Pak from conceding five runs, four of which came in sixth. Freshman took over right-handed Carson Kelly Villadson after Hood’s throwing error.

All season long, Pakistan’s worrying fielding problems continued in Kelly’s soil. Two of the top six bugs fueled an Eagles rally and put NC State in a 6-0 hole.

NC State revived in the seventh inning with six runs from five hits and three walks. Hood and senior second baseman JT Jarrett led the rally with a pair of singles, then newcomer-appointed hitter Patton Green put the RBI double on the Pak board.

From there the runs kept coming for Wolfpack. Freshman outfielder Chase Nixon and Freshman third baseman Tommy White logged each victim. Grover III and second-year outfielder Noah Souls fell to one run in the RBI singles, bringing in a tying run with Jarrett absorbing 2-2 delivery for a base-loaded hit by pitch.

Sophomore Southpaw Chris Willaman took the Pak hill to start the eighth game and finally got the credit for the victory. Willaman was light out in four innings, racking up nine strikeouts and allowing only one hit and one walk. In the final innings of a tight ball game, the performance of the left bump was crucial to NC State’s victory.

“His teammates trust him, he believes in himself,” said head coach Elliott Avant. “He was really good because that was the game [he plays]. He has done it twice now. He did it in Florida State, did it once again when the game was extended, and he’s gone a little further than we thought.

Game Two

In the series finale, NC State quickly responded to the Boston College race. After allowing the senior left canon Silver Eagles to take a 1-0 lead on a sack fly, Pak practiced its plate discipline by converting two walks and a hit by pitch into a run from the wild pitch. The score rose to 1-1.

Jarrett Wolfpack’s third word of the innings was tied at the same bat, but newcomer left fielder Will Marcy laid the groundwork for a fielder’s choice. NC State could have easily put an end to regrets based on six runners in the first three innings, but as Boston College trailed by seven runs to take a 2-1 lead, Silver’s ability to bounce back from early jams came close to scoring. Own.

At the bottom of the fourth, White scored a two-run double into the gap in the middle of the right to give the Pak a 3-2 lead. In the previous at-bat, Grover III was isolated to the left thanks to a strange hop that overtook the third baseman at Boston College. This increased the hit streak of Grover III to 21 games.

“Every time I walk to the plate I want to tell myself ‘this pitcher can’t mess me up,’ ‘Grover III said. “Not in a bad way, but ‘I feel better than him.’ You have to have that mindset in this game because a lot of failures happen, so you need to find a way to balance your head, go ahead.

Both teams fought back in the next few innings, but NC State secured its lead at 6-3 in the sixth game when Grover III scored on a wild pitch and drove Hood White into a sack fly. On the hill, Redshirt junior Wright Logan Adams tossed four unbeaten innings from the return of the Eagles.

Wolfpack will hit the road for its next game, Wednesday, April 20, with a midweek match against the High Point Panthers. The first pitch is set at 6:30 p.m.

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