Women make up large chunk of workforce

Women make up a large chunk of the workforce, yet they have a lacking representation in leadership roles within the organisations.

This was stressed by unionist Kuini Lutua while speaking to members of the National Union for Factory and Commercial Workers.

She said women must be interested in pursuing leadership roles as they were an integral part of the organization.

She also commended the recent batch of graduates from the University of the South Pacific and stated it was reassuring to see a good number of women graduates.

Last Thursday, the union celebrated World Day for Decent Work which was marked globally on October 7.

According to Mrs Lutua, wage justice was an important topic as it concerned all workers and their livelihoods.

She highlighted a lot of workers had raised concerns that their wage did not reflect the work they put in.

Mrs Lutua also spoke about corporate greed, which fell out of line with what the concept of wage justice supported.

“The profit is made but the bosses, they decide that a certain percentage goes to management so what happens to the workers who have been sweating and working hard?” she said.

“You’d be lucky if you get 3 per cent and the union works very hard to ensure you get. As a trade union member you have to push for better negotiations

. “We have to create awareness on corporate greed, raise our voices and stand for the rights of workers.”

A statement from the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) on the occasion stated that since 2005, workers’ productivity increased by 37 per cent globally.

“The economic benefits of this are being denied to the very people who produce the goods and services that economies and societies rely on,” the statement read.

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