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With the construction of the first 5 kilometers of a new hydraulic concrete road that will link the Maya de Teya Train station with La Plancha parkthe second mobility project of the State government began today so that Mérida has a public transport from first-world cities.

This is the Ie-Tram transport system that will work with electric buses and that will cover the Kanasín, Mérida, and Uman route when it ends in December 2023.

The works of the first stage of the Ie-Tram began today with the removal of the steel rails and wooden sleepers that served the railway that covered the Mérida to Valladolid route.

When the central space of the old railway is freed, Incay will build the 5 kilometers of road with hydraulic concrete where all public transport in this area will circulate. That is to say, this road will not have potholes for many years due to the type of material will be used exclusively for public transport, which will speed up travel times.

The presentation of the first stage of the Ie-Tram project was made by the director of Incay, Sergio Chan Lugowho informed the governor and the mayors of Mérida and Kanasín that this first section will join the Mayan Train station that is being built in the community of Teya and will connect with the La Plancha parkwhich is also under construction.

In this first stage they will invest 244 million pesos, it will be a confined lane only for public transport and its construction must be completed in 120 days.

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