WotC Makes the Grade With New D&D Teaching Kits for Grades 4-8

WotC wants D&D to head back to school this semester with the launch of a new slate of D&D-themed teaching kits.

Dungeons & Dragons (and other roleplaying games) offer a lot to educators. Whole organizations are out there, dedicated to the good that roleplaying games can do for developing minds. Whether that’s teaching them problem-solving and critical thinking (the most dangerous skill of all), or offering a safe space to practice social skills and personal exploration. There’s a lot that D&D and games like it can do.

Game to Grow is one such organization, and one definitely worth checking out.

Which is why, in conjunction with the release of a new starter set, Wizards of the Coast is rolling out a new suite of D&D teaching kits. The D&D teaching kits are aimed at kids in grades 4-6, as well as 6-8.

According to WotC’s release, these have the stated goal of “reinforcing language arts, problem-solving, and interpersonal skills.” Among other things. And to think, we used to get told not to play D&D at lunch.

Head Back to School With D&D Teaching Kits

The program is titled D&D: Build an Adventure. These new kits are based on the recently release. Dragons of Stormwreck Isle starter set and are designed to work with elements thereof. It’s extremely beginner friendly, for both students and teachers who might have heard of D&D but never tried their hand, and both kits feature interactive digital elements too.

With D&D more popular than ever, these can be a great way to bring D&D to a whole new audience.

Take a look!

Dungeons & Dragons Build an Adventure is a unique opportunity to take your students on a collaborative storytelling adventure that will reinforce language arts, problem-solving, and interpersonal skills as they explore fantastic realms, undertake challenging quests, and weigh daring choices in a world brought. to life by their own imaginations. Students and teachers do not need prior knowledge of D&D to set out on this learning adventure. They just need imagination and a collaborative spirit!

By its very nature, D&D fosters collaboration and problem solving while helping to build empathy and self-confidence in its players. Kids each take on a unique role, take turns, and have to work together to accomplish a common goal, and the memories can last a lifetime. D&D players never forget how they banded together to convince the goblins to be friendly or slaying the dragon that’s been stealing their food.

In the grades 4-6 kit, students will learn how to invent their own characters and world. They’ll also develop a story for their characters to encounter and play through. The teaching kit features aids that include possible actions and repercussions characters might take, as well as a list of gear and D&D rules.

The kit for grades 6-8 features a little more freedom. And you’ll be ready to start your own afterschool club and everything with the teaching kits. Find out more at the link below.

D&D Build an Adventure

Happy Adventure


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