You can now earn NFTs by learning Blockchain technology

The Stellar Development Foundation’s (SDF) gaming training platform allows people to earn non-performing tokens (NFTs) by exploring blockchain technology in general and the Stellar Network in particular ($ XLM).

Stellar is an “open network for currencies and payments” and it “allows digital representations of all forms of money – dollars, pesos, bitcoins and everything – to create, send and trade.” Stellar “relies on blockchain for network coordination, but the end-user experience is more like cash – Stellar is much faster, cheaper, and less costly than conventional blockchain-based systems.”

Launched in 2014, the Stellar network has “a domestic digital currency, the lumen, which is needed to start calculations and complete transactions in small quantities.”

This is a mode used for Stellar:

You can create a digital representation of the US dollar – in Stellar you call it the “dollar sign” – and you can tell the world that every time someone puts a traditional dollar on you, you give them one of your new tokens. . When someone returns that “dollar sign” to you, you promise to pay it in turn to one of the regular dollars in that deposit account.

Basically, you restore a 1: 1 relationship between your digital sign and the traditional dollar. Every sign you have in the world is supported by an equal deposit. So when people have tokens, they can treat them like traditional money because they know they will eventually be replaced with traditional money.

The original Stellar Quest platform, built by evangelist SDF Tyler van der Hoven and launched in October 2020, was aimed at developers and included live challenges (such as creating and funding a Stellar account). To complete each call you will be given a badge and some $ XLM tokens.

According to a blog post published by SDF on April 11, Stellar Quest Learn is not much different from the existing Stellar Quest site “and” you can still play quests at any time and in any order. ” With Stellar Quest Learn, “you can go at your own pace” and complete each quest, you get a unique and fresh NFT token (coming soon!) That you can display on your Stellar Quest or can boast. profile. ” Five quests are now available, and the SDF plans to “regularly add new packages.”

Stellar Quest Learn users gain NFT through “completing modular quests that use Stellar APIs and SDKs”. They open and receive NFT after each task they complete. They can also show their NFT icons in the Stellar Quest profile.

It is said on the SDF blog that the existence of Stellar Quest Live, where “quests live and modern events that take place periodically” will still be around:

We will continue to host live events on a regular basis as a separate and additional experience to learn. Meet other developers to solve new and unique challenges in the Stellar network.

As before, $ XLM prizes will be available for completing live quest events.

In other words, the original Stellar Quest “is divided into two main components: Stellar Quest Live and Stellar Quest Learn.”


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