Young Leaders Stepping Up Says Coniglio

Separating a kilo of brown rice from a kilo of white rice is no-one’s idea of ​​a fun time, but it’s the bigger picture that’s been key for the GIANTS on their training camp.

The GIANTS have spent the past three days on Milson Island, on the Hawkesbury River north of Sydney.

While the traditional Amazing Race-style events and group competitions have been run during the first camp under new coach Adam Kingsley, it was the rice activity that caught the attention of senior leader Stephen Coniglio.

“There’s always that fear of the unknown at camps, and this has been a good blend of some hard stuff with some good bonding, as well, just the chance to come together for a couple of days, away from everything else and bond together, Coniglio said.

“For me, (it’s) the quality time you get. Usually, you leave the club at 4-5pm, (but) the night time stuff here, we’re around the guys all the time and it’s been really good to connect.

“There was an activity last night, separating a kilo of brown rice from a kilo of white rice, and it took us about four hours, but the conversation around the table while doing that is enough, you wouldn’t have those typical conversations of a nighttime.”

Kingsley has been busy putting his own stamp on the GIANTS, who have a fresh face at the helm after nearly nine seasons under former coach Leon Cameron.

“Kingers’ has been amazing for the group so far, he’s been really clear and precise as to what he expects and what he wants and embracing new things, which we’ve done on this camp as well,” Coniglio said.

“There’s plenty of momentum going forward to the season, training really well, and now we look forward to some practice games and games to come in the future.”

The camp has also provided some of the younger players an opportunity to make their voices heard.

“There is a young brigade coming through, which is really exciting for GIANTS supporters and for us as well. Guys like Connor Idun, I’ve seen a bit of talk from him recently, and his leadership both on and off the field has been. great. Tom Green (as well). Those two in particular have been outstanding,” Coniglio said.

“Harry Perryman as well, he’s a been-there-and-done-that player, but he keeps going from strength to strength.”

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